maxine The service robot

Full HD Camera
Moving Parts:
Hands, Fingers
LIDAR Navigation
Moving Parts:
Head, Neck
11” Touch Screen
Moving Parts:
Shoulders, Elbows
Ultrasonic Sensors
Non-Slip Rubber Wheels

Meet maxine

Service robot Maxine is a humanoid AI Robot with an unforgettable appearance and wide functionality. Maxine is designed to work in any business area from trade shows to educational events! Built to our ultimate standards, Maxine is sure to grab people’s attention and solve any business task.


Maxine is an absolutely autonomous service Robot that doesn’t require human control, while its high functionality allows using it in any role: as a promoter, consultant, guide, receptionist, and much more. In fact, she’s got exceptional talents to give full play to in many other business areas.

Maxine is made of top-quality impact-resistant plastic and metal, which ensures attractive design and high endurability.

Maxine is 163 cm. (5,35 ft.) tall, weighing under 45kg (99 lb.). She features flexible parts and can move her head and neck, locating the speaker and addressing him/her during the conversation. This makes the interaction with Maxine livelier and more natural. She can move not only her hands but also her fingers. What’s more, with just a few clicks she can be easily programmed to shake hands with her guests!

Maxine features an 11-inch touch screen with a built-in camera with a face recognition system, which enables her to address people by their names and ensures more personalized interaction. Handshaking makes the experience absolutely unforgettable.

Additionally, our service robot Maxine is equipped with 4 highly sensitive microphones which instantly recognize and decipher speech, enabling her to engage in a meaningful conversation. Maxine is able to retain a great many questions and answers, understand and execute voice commands. For example, you may ask Maxine to show you the way or escort you to the exit. With 98% speech recognition accuracy, she can maintain a dialogue in any language.

The robot’s lower body features equally sophisticated elements, integrated with her software. Maxine is equipped with a built-in LIDAR system, which enables the service Robot to build a map of the facility and move around independently, executing the designated tasks.

You may set any number of destinations on the map, predefining tasks which Maxine will execute at each milestone: playing certain audio or video content, providing consultations to the guests, or initiating a dialogue.

It goes without saying that Maxine is mindful of its own security, the safety of people, and the environment. The service robot Maxine is furnished with special laser sensors ensuring non-stop real-time scanning of the area and preventing collision with unexpected obstacles.

With a 25 m. (82 ft.) range and 2 mm. (0,08 in.) accuracy of the LIDAR system, she maneuvers safely in space. Maxine’s ground clearance is as high as 70 mm. (2,75 in.), which means she can easily pass through various objects on the floor.

With over 8 hours of battery backup, Maxine finds a charging station and connects to it when the battery is close to zero. Once fully charged, Maxine will return to the place where she left off.

Based on Android OS, Maxine can be integrated with third-party applications. Additionally, we provide API/SDK for secondary development!

With all these perks and benefits, the service Robot Maxine will definitely propel your business to the next level.


Height / weight 1,6 m / 48 kg 5.25 ft / 106 lb
Ground clearance 70 mm 2.75 in
Charging type Auto / Manual
Battery Life >9 Hours
Movements 22 Degrees of Freedom
Coloring Any Color Available
Charging time 5 Hours
operating system Android

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