hunter The security robot

LED Eyes
4 Security Cameras
(360° View)
Circular Lighting
Ultrasonic Sensors
Off Road Wheels
Front Safety Bumper
LIDAR Navigation

Meet hunter

Security robot Hunter is an advanced technological showpiece. Its solid design creates an atmosphere of protection and safety in any environment.


Hunter is a security robot, designed to keep watch of the area. It is constantly on the guard, watching the surroundings and warning of anything extraordinary taking place around it. Hunter's 4 full HD cameras with a night vision option, located on the robot's 4 sides provide a 360-degree view. The information from cameras is received in real-time in a continuous pattern. The video is recorded on an SD card, while the backup footage is saved on a cloud drive, available 24/7.

Additionally, you may connect to the robot directly to watch the surveilled facility in real-time through a special application.

Hunter is equipped with the LIDAR laser navigation system that enables it to build a full-scale map of the guarded space and travel securely around the place with zero human intervention. Depending on your needs, it is also possible to define the robot's itinerary and set certain tasks to be performed at specific locations.

In fact, our security robot has a wide functionality that can benefit your safety needs. For example, it can be assigned to signal any movement by sending an instant notification to the owner. Optionally, it can use visual and sound warning systems. What's more, you may initiate a dialogue by connecting to the robot through a voice/video call. This feature is useful as a warning of trespassers, but it is also an excellent way to contact or surveil your staff during an event in a hotel, a commercial space, or any other large and crowded venue.

Hunter is 1,3 m. (4,27 ft.) tall, weighing 75 kg. (165,4 lb.). The authoritative-looking guide travels with ease on any type of terrain, sliding smoothly on its large non-slippery wheels. It can even climb uphill with an incline of 30 degrees. Positioned high above the ground, it can travel through various objects up to 5 cm. (0,16 ft.) height without hitting them.

The battery life is over 12 hours, which means Hunter can be on duty for more than a full working day. This is a huge advantage of the security robot over any human guard. Full recharging requires less than 6 hours.

Hunter is a perfect choice of a guard for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It works perfectly fine in hot and cold weather alike, resistant to water and wind.

Not only will a security robot ensure the utmost protection of your property, but it will also introduce an element of innovation into your security protocols and help you gain your guests' trust and confidence.


Height / weight 1,3 m / 75 kg 4.27 ft / 165.4 lb
Length / Width 1 m / 0,73 m 3.28 ft / 2.4 ft
Charging type Auto / Manual
Battery Life >12 Hours
Uphill movement Up to 30°
Moving through an obstacle Up to 5 cm Height
Charging time 6 Hours
Night mode Infrared Cameras
Video storage Memory Card + Cloud Storage
Camera 4 Full HD Cameras (360° View)
Security Alarm
temperature resistant High and Low Temperatures
Coloring Any Color Available
operating system Android

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