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about mirax robots

Mirax Robots manufactures AI-Driven Robots with application in any business area.

For more than 3 years we are creating the world's leading robots for businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them boost their sales, brand awareness, and much more.

Mirax Robots offers robots all over the world and helps to choose the best solution in the robotics industry that will perfectly fit your business or non-profit organization.

A unique design from human alike to futuristic robots that seem to have come from the future, extremely high quality with a wide range of modern features — all this you can find in our outstanding robots.

Why our robots

In the process of creating robots, we pursued the main goal — to create robots that will perform human functions, while making their management as simple and clear as possible.

All our robots not only obtain modern features such as self-navigation, voice recognition & dialogue but they are also as simple as your mobile phone.

We are proud to say that we succeed and here is why businesses chose our robots:

Fully autonomous

Fully autonomous

Our robots interact with people on their own, move independently avoiding any obstacles and even if the battery is close to zero — they will find the charging spot without human help.

Ease of use

Ease of use

You don't need any special knowledge to set up and use our robots — everything is simple as ABC.



Wide range of robots with different appearance, screen sizes, height and features — you will definitely find a robot that will fit your requirements.

Technical support

Technical support

Ongoing technical support via various channels — all at your convenience. You will never be left alone if you need assistance.



Our robots have several degrees of protection — design and software. They are CE certified and absolutely safe for use.



Our robots attract 100% of the attention, everybody regardless of age or gender stops amazed by the site of our robots.

AI Robot Services

Our robots are applicable absolutely everywhere:

Shopping malls






Grocery stores

Exhibition & Event venues



Car dealerships

Amusement parks

Government institutions

Office buildings

Retail stores

And much more!

Mirax Robots



Promoters, consultants, guides, receptionists — just to name a few spheres where our service robots are used. Nothing can boost your sales and brand awareness better than a high-tech robot.

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Service robots



Incredible waiters who can surprise any guest and draw attention to your restaurant, hotel, or any other business.

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Restaurant robots



The world's leading disinfection robots that not only effectively disinfect any facility but also interact with people as our service robots do. A perfect tool not only for business, but also for any government institution, as well as places of increased congestion of people.

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Disinfection robots



Our robots are designed to provide non-stop security both indoors and outdoors — in any weather, day or night, they will protect you and your property.

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Security robots

Boost your business with Mirax Robots

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