ash The security robot

360° Rotated
Security Camera
Full HD Camera
11” Touch Screen
LIDAR Navigation
Non-Slip Rubber
Ultrasonic Sensors

Meet ash

Security Robot Ash is a great choice for indoor protection, especially for small office spaces, where a compact solution is required. With its minimalistic unpresuming design combined with rich functionality, this little technological machine can ensure the utmost safety of your property and guests.


The agile security robot weighs as little as 32 kg. (70,55 lb.), with a chassis diameter of 0,1 m. x 0,73 m. (0,32 ft. x 2,4 ft.) The robot's miniature dimensions allow for a high degree of flexibility with the possibility to travel between tables, stands, and other objects. One of the perks of this latest technological development is the ability to connect to modern elevators and travel independently up and down the building. Imagine a person's amazement when a robot guard meets him at the door of an elevator. By customizing the settings it is even possible to assign the robot the role of an operator.

Ash is equipped with multiple ultrasonic sensors, located around its diameter. The cutting-edge LIDAR navigation system allows the robot to orient skillfully in space, gliding smoothly on its non-slip high-quality rubber wheels. With the infrared camera, the robot operates confidently under any lighting, even in complete darkness.

The integrated rotating front camera provides a 360-degree view, while the entire footage is stored safely both on a memory card and cloud storage available with just one click.

It is possible to set alarming modes and options. You may want to receive notifications on your mobile device or email in case of detection of movement or set up a loud security alarm when there is any movement.

The 11-inch touch screen can be used to display security or explanatory video content. It can also be used for presentations, screening of tutorials, etc. The interface is user-friendly and multilingual.

Ash is manufactured of highly resistant plastic and metal which ensure its high durability and significant life span. To make the most of its battery life of more than 8 hours, you may set specific charging cycles, for your robot guard to be on duty at any time. Full recharging requires less than 5 hours.

Ash can be a reliable partner when it comes to the protection of your property but it can also be an efficient tool for performing repetitive tasks, making announcements at given moments, as well as keeping your guests safe and why not entertained!


Height / weight 68 cm / 32 kg 2.23 ft / 70.55 lb
Chassis diameter 0,1 m / 0,73 m 3.28 / 2.4 ft
Charging type Auto / Manual
Battery Life >8 Hours
Uphill movement Up to 8°
Elevator Connects and Uses Autonomously
Charging time 5 Hours
Security Alarm
Coloring Any Color Available
operating system Android
Night mode Infrared Camera
Video storage Memory Card + Cloud Storage
Rotating camera 360° View

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