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Mirax security robots are 100% autonomous robots specifically designed to ensure people and property safety. Absolutely nothing escapes from their 360 degrees cameras regardless of the time of the day or weather.

Our security robots are equipped with a wide set of functions in order to protect you and your property regardless of location or area, and as with all our robots you don’t need any special knowledge to effectively use them.

All this gives our security robots a unique opportunity to be used in any business sphere:

Office buildings

Private houses





& event venues

And much more


Your security robots are on duty 24/7.

Designed to world-class security standards and quality control, your security robots will never let you down, serving you and your business for years.
Mirax security robots are truly unique, that is why your robots will:

Never call in sick

Never take breaks

Never fail to perform

Never show up late

Never need time off

Never have conflicts

Why Mirax Robots?

Security robots from Mirax are reliable business partners.
Mirax provides first-rate service for all your robot needs:

Ongoing Technical Support

Full 1-Year Warranty

User Manuals & Video Tutorials

API/SDK for Secondary Development

Our advanced security robots include various features to solve any business task.


Our robots can scan any facility via LIDAR, build complex routes, and independently move along them. They easily avoid any sudden obstacles with an accuracy of only 2 mm. (0,08 inches).


Main features

  • They support auto charging while their batteries are close to zero.
  • Any app can be integrated into a robot.
  • In guard mode, they recognize movements and turn on the alarm.
  • They use local & cloud storage to record and keep the video.
  • Each robot supports a remote connection to see the live video.
  • Each robot recognizes faces and can create personal calls to any person.
  • You can remotely connect to the robot and use its speakers to relay your speech.

And that's not all that our robots can surprise you with!


MEET OUR security

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