Our robots can scan any facilities via LIDAR, build complex routes, and independently move along them. They easily avoid any sudden obstacles with an accuracy of 2 mm.
Voice recognition and dialogue
Each robot recognizes speech, supports customized voice dialogue, builds an industry data model and massive knowledge base, answers the customers' various questions, and continues intelligent learning and optimization.
Complete autonomy
The robots are completely autonomous and work according to a prepared technical task. Even when the battery is close to zero, they will find the charging station, connect to it on their own, and after recharging will continue from the place where they left off.


Each of our commercial service robots has advanced features and can solve any business tasks.
Robots' weight
35-45 kg
Robots' height
155-163 cm
Ground clearance
70 mm
Battery life
>9 hours
77 lb - 99 lb.
5.08 ft. -5.3 ft.
2.75 in.
Humanoid service robot with AI
Moving parts: head and neck (4 positions)
Moving parts: arms, palms, fingers
11" full-HD touch screen
HD camera with face recognition
Non-slip rubber wheels
LIDAR navigation
Our flagship humanoid robot with AI.
Microphone array (4 pcs)
Ultrasound obstacle avoidance
Boost your business with Maxine
Our flagship humanoid robot with AI for commercial use.
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Robot with AI for commercial service
Lex has 22'' full HD touch-screen
There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.
Our futuristic robots Lex and Dan got the same wide functionality except for moving parts and a screen diagonal.
Dan - 32'' full HD touch-screen
Commercial service robot for any business
Boost your business with Lex & Dan
Our futuristic robots with AI for commercial use.
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