Rental of robots with AI worldwide
The short-term period starts from just 5 hours and can go up to 6 days. A perfect choice for any kind of event!
Need more time to promote your product or service? The long-term period starts from 1 week and can go up to 1 month!
We are happy to offer you any other rental period on individual terms.
Short-term rental
Long-term rental
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We offer commercial robots with AI that will boost your business, sales, and brand awareness just in days.
We offer various rental periods, helping your business grow:
Our professional team will take on the full support of your campaign, including 24/7 technical support.
Our robots are ready to work with you NON-STOP since they:
You will never get a call from a robot asking to cover it because it caught a cold.
No lunch or a smoke break - they are busy only with work.
They accurately perform the assigned task without failures.
Won't get sick
Don't need breaks
Don't argue
Get in morning traffic
Visit a dentist
Have any personal problems
Using robots in entertainment is the key to the successful promotion of any product or service, as well as to guaranteed growth of brand awareness!
Retail is an area where companies compete for each and every client, and what can boost sales better than a high-tech robot promoter or consultant?
Hotels and restaurants are places that should not only ensure top quality service for visitors but also constantly surprise them, and what can surprise people better than a robot hostess or receptionist?
Education with robot teachers is modern and efficient. Regardless of age, the robot attracts attention, allowing you to deliver any material with high quality - from the alphabet to chemistry.
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